some ship ask memes are just a little bit lacking so heres a new one

  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching
  • who snores
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other 
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal 


people look up to this man

why did people latch onto john green to blame for laverne cox not being on the TIME 100

We are a hurricane…

i get the feeling the TIME poll didn’t influence the list at all and it was just there to make us feel like we had power


From Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01E19: "The Only Light in the Darkness" which aired on Tuesday April 22nd.