i’m on page 50 of my fall out boy tag and there is no sign of the picture of twenty one pilots i am searching for where the fuck did it go i know it existed

every once in a while i remember that i have been in the same room as pete wentz and i have to sit down and think about that

if you have not read tyler joseph’s twitter you have not lived


People live if they don’t die

I just picked up tsubasa and started reading it and for a second there i was like “why do i feel like i was just watching a different anime” and then i was like “ohhhhhh yeah i just finished an episode of breaking bad” and it actually took me a minute to realize

breaking bad is not an anime


THE HUNTING PARTY Recording Sessions.


Found this from when I did the “sleep deprivation comics”. Evidently I had some kind of idea but then I scrapped it and stopped and I’m SO GLAD BECAUSE THIS IS A LOT FUNNIER THAN ANYTHING I COULD ACTUALLY THINK OF


*applies for architecture job*

experience: building houses on the sims since 2001